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  • Zonia Armstrong
    commented 2020-03-25 13:24:20 -0700
    Pelosi is Public Enemy #1, despicable and a traitor to the USA. Go to China and have then do your Botox and hair there – you worthless politician
  • Gwen Blomgren
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  • Leslie Todd
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  • Dorothy T
    commented 2020-03-23 12:18:06 -0700
    We can do this! SUPPORT our president!! Deep six the deep state.
  • Jack&Cathy cascio
    commented 2020-02-20 13:07:05 -0800
    I live in Massachusetts, retired. We MUST support conservatives in all states, Please give what you can and help keep out phonies like Pocahontas, Ed Markey, Richie Neal etc, ad nauseam!!!!!
  • David Keiper
    followed this page 2020-02-10 15:08:26 -0800
  • Sergeant America
    commented 2020-02-08 10:45:42 -0800
    As a retired MSgt, who served 22 years in the USAF, with one tour in Vietnam, and who took the oath many times to support and defend the U.S. Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic, I feel, as many do, to continue keeping our solemn oath by supporting our comrades-in-arms in this fight against those domestic enemies, who have declared war on our U.S. Constitution and We The People. Yes, to be sure, domestic enemies are the most insidious of all, as they cloak themselves behind patriotic sounding rhetoric, pretending to be our friends, while they trample our Constitution and individual freedom and rights. Yes, that would be the Democrap party, RINOs, the so-called Deep State, and the mainstream media. President Trump, our CIC, has lead the charge against PC (political correctness and political cowardness) and bravely shown the way to do battle against these anti-American and demonic forces of evil, who are out to destroy our national sovereignty and individual freedom and rights through open borders and playing their treasonous part in the nefarious, globalist schemes of the New World Order.
  • William Price
    commented 2020-02-07 15:13:06 -0800
    gotta love this woman!
  • Susan Weart
    commented 2020-02-02 16:04:06 -0800
    Spent 30 years with DoD, Parents were both Army and son was AF for 22 years. We need People like Mr. Church in Congress as they know discipline and have great heart. God bless them and I hope we strengthen our Constitutional Republic and move away from a socialist country.
  • Bob Mosley
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  • Joe Sanchez
    commented 2019-12-15 13:41:08 -0800
    If ever there was injustice in America and against Americans, it has been since 63 Million Americans elected the President they wanted to lead their country forward. Unfortunately, very few people didn’t realize that we were under attack by the Democrat party, who have been waiting 250 years to overthrow our government and the Constitutional Republic we all have lived under. People never believed what is happening here, is really happening, but it is and the Socialists have been waiting for the right opportunity, and Obama opened those doors, and now the Socialists believe if they destroy our President, they can proceed to destroy our country. We have seen their destruction for three years now and the only way to stop them will be by voting them out of office, re-electing our President, and never, ever have another Socialist and Democrat lead our country.
  • Ex Navydog
    commented 2019-11-24 14:52:04 -0800
    I am 75 I spent 6 yrs in the Navy and I did not do it to promote Socialism we must defeat the Democrats. K. Budd
  • Ex Navydog
    commented 2019-11-24 14:52:04 -0800
    I am 75 I spent 6 yrs in the Navy and I did not do it to promote Socialism we must defeat the Democrats. K. Budd
  • bob parsons
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  • David Laman
    commented 2019-11-02 14:17:03 -0700
    Please look at website and ask your state representatives and senators to pass a bill and back the Convention of States. This is about the only way we, the people can take back our federal government and get these worthless snakes out of office and take our country back!
  • robert williams
    commented 2019-11-02 13:01:07 -0700
    I as a 77 year old AMERICAN have seen a lot in my time in the Military and out or it and this is nothing but as labeled a “WITCH HUNT” and it started before the elections. This President has done more for the AMERICAN people in the past years than the last Administrations since Reagan. He needs to have the support to finish the wall to save our country from illegal voting for the DEMO-RATS. All i can sy is give your utmost support to him and he will do more in 2020. Bob Williams, SGTMAJ,USMC, RET.
  • Chris Byers
    followed this page 2019-11-01 06:13:39 -0700
  • Mary Fiato
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  • Judy Topping
    commented 2019-07-25 10:44:29 -0700
    we need young people with a conservative view and a love for this country. This young soldier knows how to do it.
  • Ray Sanderson
    followed this page 2019-06-30 14:25:13 -0700
  • Alice Springer
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  • Charles Cockerell
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  • Steven Mosley
    commented 2019-01-15 09:26:58 -0800
    I want the US too secure our southern border now,President Donald Trump has the responsibility, too secure our nation.Istand with our president on this matter
  • Donna Goldcamp
    commented 2018-11-03 18:54:56 -0700
    Let’s go, friends! Help Scott finish with the best donation you can muster.
  • Beverly Litton
    commented 2018-10-30 17:28:29 -0700
    Pleased to say the refund appeared in my account today.
    Thank you!
  • Beverly Litton
    commented 2018-10-27 10:24:48 -0700
    Update regarding my previous post regarding the error in my donation account, The organizer of Defenders of Freedom contacted me and said the donation has been cancelled.
    Since it’s a weekend, the cancellation still isn’t showing up on my online account.
    I appreciate his efforts to remedy this situation.

    Conservative Constitutionalists certainly need all to rally to the defense of this nation from the liberal/socialist invasion from within.
  • Beverly Litton
    commented 2018-10-27 08:25:11 -0700
    I donated to this PAC as it seems like such a worthy organization. However but the amount on my email receipt was $500 over the amount I intended to donate. Could have been a typo on my part when using my iPhone to donate.
    This morning, I have attempted to contact the organization number shown on my online account transaction and also the name found when researching the number . No response as yet.
    Hopefully, this can be resolved very soon and my initial faith in the validity of this organization remains intact.
    Beverly Litton
  • Bradley L Curtis
    commented 2018-10-04 16:07:33 -0700
    I signed up because the Democrats are destroying our country and we need a solid patriot to replace RHINO Flake
  • Jackie WIlliams
    commented 2018-09-26 13:38:07 -0700
    I just signed up on this site and I’m glad to join other patriots who love this country and are sick of what the Dems. are doing to it. God bless America.
  • Reiner Kirsten
    commented 2018-09-23 11:12:52 -0700
    Col. McSally, thank you for your service to our Nation!
    Your integrity demonstrated in your service will serve you well for a task in any political function, we can rely on your dignity, being both a refreshing behavior in our divine political minefield
    Again, thank you 🙏