Conservatives need John James to serve, again

John James announced he will run for Senate in Michigan! This is the biggest recruit for 2020 for the GOP! 

James graduated West Point. Army Ranger. Apache Helo pilot. Multiple tours in Iraq. He is the real deal. Democrats are nervous about Michigan. 

We have completed the first video ad for James. We edited together a speech he made about bringing America back to its golden days. He is inspiring. Watch, listen and I guarantee you will have goose bumps. Take a look at it here.

Read on for more info about James.

Source: Washington Examiner

James has already served his country. He is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and a former Army combat pilot. In 2018, James was defeated in his race against Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich. — a throwaway race in which he performed unexpectedly well. But 2020 shouldn't be about what James has done before, but rather what he can do now.


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Rep. Dan Crenshaw: Dems are doing less than Mexico to solve border crisis

Dan Crenshaw is the perfect spokesperson to counter the radical Democrats lying about the border situation. He clearly lays out the facts and the issues.

Crenshaw is a key voice on this issue and with Democrats becoming more radical by the day it is more crucial than ever to have clear, sober analysis like Crenshaw is doing here. These are the arguments and debates the GOP must win.

Read on for more of his op-ed.  

Source: Fox News

By Rep. Dan Crenshaw

Last month, 144,000 people were arrested at our southern border. Many of these people were not trying to escape the Border Patrol but were turning themselves in. Why?

Because our asylum process is laughably easy to take advantage of.


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Coming Soon: New Candidate - Brig. General who fought Taliban

We have a very exciting announcement coming soon. More military veterans are running for Congress so we are working overtime doing our research for endorsements. 

The most exciting candidate is Brigadier General Don Bolduc, who announced his candidacy in New Hampshire.

Retired Brigadier General Bolduc, 57, who was one of the famed “horse soldiers” who rode alongside the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, announced his Senate run in the VFW Hall in Concord, New Hampshire on Monday morning. He will be taking on two-term Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

Expect to see and hear much more about this candidate and the race for Senate. He gives conservatives a good chance to pick up another Senate seat. He has spent his time since retirement working on veterans issues like PTSD, and suicide. He is the real deal. Read on for more info...

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Anti-Sanctuary Bill Into Law

This story is a reminder of just how important elections can be. DeSantis won the Florida Governor election by less than 1%. Remember his radical opponent conceded and then abruptly changed his mind and tried to steal the election. 

Well the consequences are here. Ron DeSantis pushed for and signed the anti-sanctuary bill, keeping his state safe from criminal illegal immigrants. His popularity has surged after signing the bill. But guess who isn't happy? The mainstream media and his radical opponents. 

The Democrat was on record saying he wanted to make the entire state of Florida a sanctuary for criminal illegals. This is the consequences of elections. Floridians are safer today because Ron DeSantis won a few thousand more votes and your support helped him!

Source: The Daily Caller

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation into law Friday that bans “sanctuary cities” in the state, fulfilling a pledge he made while on the campaign trail.

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Senator Joni Ernst kicks off Senate Campaign with Nikki Haley!

Conservative favorite Nikki Haley joined Senator Joni Ernst to kick off her 2020 Senate campaign in a "Roast and Ride." Nikki Haley will be a sought after figure on the campaign trail in 2020 after an outstanding term as UN Ambassador. She is in high demand and will play a major role in helping conservative women keep these seats and hopefully win more.

Remember Senator Ernst has a long record of accomplishment herself. She spent decades in the Iowa Army National Guard, retiring as Lt. Colonel. 

Iowa will be a crucial state to keep the Senate seat and win the Presidency. Democrats made inroads in Congress in 2018 so the GOP must hold Iowa to keep the Senate.

One Democrat who announced and is a favorite is a woman who had to suspend her campaign for Congress two years ago because of allegations of election fraud. Democrats are going to have to do a lot better than that to beat Joni. Read on for more from Joni and Nikki Haley. 


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Is Dan Crenshaw the GOP’s Answer to the Democratic ‘Freshman Class’?

This is a very interesting interview with Dan Crenshaw. He is a leader in speaking clearly to young conservatives and making the argument against the Democrat socialists. Crenshaw is going to be a very important spokesperson for conservatives in 2020 and beyond. 

Source: National Review

Dan Crenshaw is perhaps ideally suited to weigh in on the increasingly socialist disposition among young Americans. To the extent that the Republican party has managed to find a compelling answer to the sudden popularity of the Democratic rising stars who willingly place themselves on the far Left, it is best exemplified by the social-media savvy Crenshaw, who first skyrocketed to national attention after SNL comedian Pete Davidson mocked him for his eyepatch — which Crenshaw wears after having lost his eye in an IED attack in Afghanistan.

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Maxine Waters, Keith Ellison Attend Louis Farrakhan Event

Democrats’ Farrakhan Problem Just Became A Campaign Issue

  • It was recently revealed Obama as Senator had a meeting including a smiling photo with Louis Farrakhan
  • Waters attended a Nation of Islam Convention where Louis Farrakhan defended Palestinian suicide bombers
  • The Nation of Islam believes white people are inherently inferior to black people
  • Farrakhan is an anti-Semite who called Jews “Satanic” and said Hitler was “a very great man” 
  • Waters’ convention appearance is just the latest tie to emerge between Democrats and the Nation of Islam.
  • Keith Ellison, #2 at the DNC and a favorite of Bernie Sanders, has attended several events with Farrakhan
  • Keith Ellison was a spokesperson for the Nation of Islam and defended Farrakhan against charges of anti-semitism


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Army Captain, Combat Vet John James Running for Senate

John James could be the future Republicans have been waiting for

Source: Washington Examiner -

By Salena Zito

DETROIT — John James emerges with confidence from a former Detroit elementary school that has been transformed into a charter high school in the northwest side of the city. It is a stride any parent would hope to see in a son or daughter graduating from this school, founded by Jalen Rose, a former NBA player and member of the University of Michigan's legendary "Fab 5" squad.

Outside the leafy campus of Jalen Rose Leadership Academy High School, parents wait for their children to emerge as a handful of students play on the school's clay basketball court. James, a member of the school's board, has just finished a board meeting, to discuss his decision to run for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate.


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BUSTED: Steelers' Head Coach Who Criticized Army Ranger Held Fundraiser For Hillary, Donated Heavily To Obama

"We're not going to play politics."

Source: Daily Wire

Steelers’ Head Coach Mike Tomlin held a high-end fundraiser in 2016 for then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at his home with ticket prices reportedly costing over $30,000. 

Tomlin hosted the event with his wife on June 14 with supporters required to pay $33,400 to meet Clinton — those who couldn’t afford to pay that amount to meet a woman claiming to represent the middle class were given the option of simply paying 

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Congress Threatens to Defund UN over Anti-Israel Vote

Congress is right to act on the UN once Trump takes office. This is an organization that gives voice to the worst values the world over. The same week as terrorists strike Europe again, Coptic Christians are bombed in their churches, a once thriving city of Aleppo is completely destroyed, the UN spends its time condemning Israel, the only democracy that protects freedom of religion. Imagine if the UN got their way, Jerusalem would be stripped of all Christian and Jewish history and the Holy Land would be run by a terrorist state. Thanks President Obama and the UN. -Nathaniel Jones

Source: Breitbart

Ambassador Samantha Power, who represents the United States at the UN Security Council, sat mum on Friday when the chair called for votes against an anti-Israel resolution declaring Israeli settlements illegal. But she raised her hand high when the chair called for abstentions.

She, and her boss, President Barack Obama, could have voted no, in keeping with precedent, and in deference to the incoming administration of President-elect Donald J. Trump. Instead, they let the resolution pass.

In anticipation of Obama’s suspected — now confirmed — abstention, members of Congress threatened to de-fund the UN. The U.S. accounts for some 22% of the UN’s budget, supporting a large, comfortable bureaucracy and its various programs.


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