Coming Soon: New Candidate - Brig. General who fought Taliban

We have a very exciting announcement coming soon. More military veterans are running for Congress so we are working overtime doing our research for endorsements. 

The most exciting candidate is Brigadier General Don Bolduc, who announced his candidacy in New Hampshire.

Retired Brigadier General Bolduc, 57, who was one of the famed “horse soldiers” who rode alongside the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, announced his Senate run in the VFW Hall in Concord, New Hampshire on Monday morning. He will be taking on two-term Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

Expect to see and hear much more about this candidate and the race for Senate. He gives conservatives a good chance to pick up another Senate seat. He has spent his time since retirement working on veterans issues like PTSD, and suicide. He is the real deal. Read on for more info...

Source: Washington Examiner

Bolduc, who received five Bronze Star medals and two Purple Hearts while in the Army, said his goal was to “make a positive difference” for “the people I love, the state I love, the country I love.”

He continued: “Why do you want to do it? Why? And you must listen closely to that answer. This is not a situation I envisioned myself in. I am not a politician, but like many Americans, I am ticked off by the partisan mindset in Washington D.C.”

Bolduc condemned the “politics-first mindset” in display in Congress that he said was getting in the way of fixing America’s problems, and he said he’d be a nonpolitician, promising to “tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.”

He said that “politics and failed leadership in Congress has gotten in the way” of solving a number of problems, including the opioid crisis, border security, the struggles of working families, healthcare costs, student loan debt, and national security. “Enough is enough!” Bolduc declared.

Bolduc also directed a large amount of his ire at the mistreatment of veterans by Veteran Affairs, saying that veterans deserve better: “They have earned it.”

And Bolduc pointed to his decades in the military as something that would set him apart in Washington: “After over 30-years in the Army, I don’t give a damn about politics — I am trained to get the job done.”

“Our children are watching and our grandchildren are watching,” Bolduc said. “We need to set the right example, and it’s not being set now.”


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