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Political leaders have failed America's promise to our veterans. Too many veterans are not receiving the medical care that they earned and were promised for their service to our country. It is time to hold the bureaucrats at the VA accountable and fix the problems that have forced veterans onto waitlists where some have died waiting for healthcare. Sign the petition to tell Congress to stop playing politics and Fix the VA Now!

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  • signed 2018-05-08 05:40:25 -0700
    How does DC think we will be able to continue with an all volunteer army when they treat that army this way? These men lost so much in service to our country, while there was never even a glitch in the gourmet food service in the Senate cafeteria. DC needs to be cleaned up, immediately after we overhaul the VA!
  • signed 2018-03-20 15:29:10 -0700
    Morral Siegwald
  • signed 2018-03-19 15:55:39 -0700
    it is a shame the these Vets are having to wait to get there chairs fixed they did not wait to serve this nation so why should wait to get help from you
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  • signed 2017-07-14 12:06:30 -0700
    “To care for him or her who shall have borne the battle and for their widow or widower and their orphan’s.” Says nothing about special interest or Unions or Non veterans.
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    Sign the petition: Reform The VA
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  • signed 2016-07-08 12:14:01 -0700
    Our Military Veterans should be the priority of the government, these brave men and women deserve the best care in the world. We need to stop the Obama liberals and get them out of office ASAP.
  • signed 2016-06-16 13:48:58 -0700
  • signed 2016-06-02 12:42:23 -0700
    please lets get this va corruptions done get our soildiers the med. care as soon as possible. the vets are dieing du to waiting time.
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    Sign the petition: Reform The VA
  • signed 2016-05-25 15:25:35 -0700
    Bryan W Carpenter: Give qualifying Veterans a credit card valid in ANY hospital or doctors office for any amount. A Veteran deserves no less.
  • signed 2016-05-11 07:58:52 -0700
    frances quinn when will this be done? it gets worse and worse. obama and his administration and congress talk big and do nothing but let our veterans die. this has to be fixed…..i am voting Trump because none of the others have done anything to fix it!
  • signed 2016-04-26 17:46:56 -0700
  • signed 2016-04-25 22:11:31 -0700
    we have stand up for military they to destoryed our country and our mililary they fight the our enemy so that we be can freedom we have to take care them evil people in the whitehouse
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  • signed 2016-03-31 11:56:45 -0700
    Our veterans are dying on the battlefield and on our streets. Time to totally reform the VA.
  • signed 2016-03-17 18:25:13 -0700
    Thomas (Tom) S. Roe