Secure The Border

Dear Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, 

You both have supported securing the border in the past. It is time to negotiate in good faith and join President Trump in securing the border and protecting American citizens.


Chuck Schumer once said:

-"Americans don't like illegal immigration"
-"Illegal immigration is wrong"
-People illegally in the U.S. are "illegal aliens," not "undocumented"
-Border fence made the southern border "far more secure...created a significant barrier to illegal immigration"

Now Chuck and Nancy use words like "immoral" and "waste of money" to describe a secure border.

Americans are sick and tired of Chuck and Nancy playing politics with our borders and sovereignty.  

Countless cases of American citizens being the victims of violent crime and murder perpetrated by illegal immigrants who were deported, illegally crossed the border multiple times and were given sanctuary by cities and states run by Democrats.

Democrats in Congress who used to believe in border security need to come to the table and negotiate with the President and GOP. Americans demand a secure border.

Sign the petition and we will deliver it to Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and every Democrat in Congress who won't support secure borders! Make your voice heard! 

Who's signing

Douglas M. Monsoor
David Snyder
Sharon DiPiazza
Charles Cheeseman
Judy Laster
Daniel Rodgers
Judith Huston
Drema Townsend
Harold Vanderpool
Louis Shriber
Louis Gioia
Lee Gelderman
Henry Koopman
Donald Brown
Michael Kopczyk
William Birkenberger
robert williams
Stephen Williams
Carol A Gaul
Steven Hofmann
Harley Smithson Iii
Joseph Potenzano
Patrick Lloyd
mike capro
Richard Pew
Tim Shepperson
Jean Murphy
James Gilbert
Pierre Meilhac
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  • Douglas M. Monsoor
    signed 2019-01-09 07:49:19 -0800
  • David Snyder
    signed 2019-01-09 07:45:29 -0800
  • Sharon DiPiazza
    signed 2019-01-09 07:33:16 -0800
  • Charles Cheeseman
    signed 2019-01-09 07:21:06 -0800
    Build the dam wall now
  • Judy Laster
    signed 2019-01-09 07:12:11 -0800
  • Daniel Rodgers
    signed 2019-01-09 07:06:11 -0800
  • Judith Huston
    signed 2019-01-09 06:48:50 -0800
    Judith L. Huston
  • Drema Townsend
    signed 2019-01-09 06:43:50 -0800
  • Harold Vanderpool
    signed 2019-01-09 06:28:00 -0800
    let’s fix this massive problem that has destroyed our country for long enough. Some in this great country , wants there guns and doesn’t want Open borders. The democrat party is working hand in hand with the NWO, and America wants to remain Free.
  • Louis Shriber
    signed 2019-01-09 06:14:57 -0800
  • Louis Gioia
    signed 2019-01-09 06:12:47 -0800
  • Lee Gelderman
    signed 2019-01-09 06:12:17 -0800
    Build the wall
  • Henry Koopman
    signed 2019-01-09 06:02:51 -0800
  • Donald Brown
    signed 2019-01-09 06:02:38 -0800
  • Michael Kopczyk
    signed 2019-01-09 05:53:38 -0800
  • William Birkenberger
    signed 2019-01-09 05:51:04 -0800
    Build the wall DO YOUR JOB OR GET OUT YOUR A BUNCH OF idiots
  • robert williams
    signed 2019-01-09 05:42:46 -0800
  • Stephen Williams
    signed 2019-01-09 05:18:00 -0800
  • Carol A Gaul
    signed 2019-01-09 05:15:55 -0800
  • Steven Hofmann
    signed 2019-01-09 04:57:22 -0800
  • Harley Smithson Iii
    signed 2019-01-09 04:57:18 -0800
  • Joseph Potenzano
    signed 2019-01-09 04:55:37 -0800
    The President is right and you two are wrong. The whole situation is your fault. You should not hold the positions you are in. I call for you both to resign.
  • Patrick Lloyd
    signed 2019-01-09 04:54:01 -0800
    You have forfeited your Citizenship through your Treason as Traitors by Breaking your Oath to uphold the Constitution, our Laws, and Represent the Best Interests of our Country and the Majority Rule of our Citizens! You are the Worst Enemy Coyotes of Illegal Criminal Aliens in your attempted Criminal Conspiracy to replace US Citizens with Illegal Aliens who’s Support you have Paid for with free Assistance Programs to Buy their Support on Citizens Dime by foregoing and Illegally ignoring our Citizens Majority Rule and Breaking our Laws of Protection in our Constitution, to Represent these Foreign Illegal Aliens over Law Abiding US Citizens and our over whelming Majority Will Border Wall!
  • mike capro
    signed 2019-01-09 03:56:54 -0800
    nancy, dick are deplorables, out for their own power mad selves. Possessed by satan political power madness. Who would allow drug wielding, armed thugs into their home?

    No one, yet south of the border it’s flood gate. why? dilute the vote, 80% illegals vote democrat, the party of hand outs. Divide and conquer. Look at public education, dumb’ed down, a mass of unthinking robotic slaves.
  • Richard Pew
    signed 2019-01-09 03:39:28 -0800
  • Tim Shepperson
    @Nittany64 tweeted link to this page. 2019-01-09 03:32:18 -0800
  • Tim Shepperson
    signed 2019-01-09 03:31:55 -0800
    Stop this nonsense and stop obstructing this President you spend more money on food stamps a month then the POTUS is asking for this wall. Do the right thing and get this done.
  • Jean Murphy
    signed 2019-01-09 02:49:34 -0800
    I’d like both of them to stop the lies & support POTUS.
  • James Gilbert
    signed 2019-01-09 02:28:22 -0800
    Quit with the BS and fund the wall.
  • Pierre Meilhac
    signed 2019-01-09 01:27:48 -0800