Watch the video advertising we have produced for candidates and issues important to you and our mission. 

Watch: Democrats never waste a crisis to fit their vision

Watch: John James 2020: Next Generation Leader!

Watch: Tell Chuck Schumer - Build the Wall

Watch: Martha McSally - Fearless Leader vs. Protester

Watch: Andrew Grant: Marine vs. Corrupt Politician

Watch: Jon Ossoff is weak on national security

Watch: Jon Ossoff Paid by Al-Jazeera?

Watch: Darryl Glenn - Change Washington D.C.

Watch: Brian Mast - Proven Fighter

Watch: Islamic Terror Supporter For Hillary

Watch: Will America Survive 4 More Years?

Watch: Hillary Clinton doesn't really support veterans!

Watch: CA Attorney General Supports Sanctuary Cities - Vote No 

Watch: Obama and ISIS no longer the JV team.

Watch: Obama and Kerry's Lies on Iran

Watch: Is The Iran Deal Good For America? Obama Says No

Watch: We Must Stop Obama's Iran Deal


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